Creative Rod Puppets

With a yearlong theme of ancient cultures, this PA Day (no school) took us south to Mayan Art. Inspired by The Chocolate Tree: A Mayan Folktale students created colourful rod puppets; KukulKán: The Feathered Serpent and his twin brother Night Jaguar.
  We read the story out loud then finished with a sampling of dark chili chocolate. (I had a non food back-up in case anyone could not try it.)

Years ago I came across a post for an Upcycled dragon puppet from Sunhats & Wellie Boots. This style of puppet has become one of my faves. It is easily made from newspaper (I asked my local grocery store for their unused leftover flyers- works perfect!) tissue paper, sticks, glue and crafty odds & ends.

I pre-assembled the head and body forms consisting of rolled up newspaper secured with masking tape. Each piece has a glued in wooden puppet rod.

Students wrapped each newspaper ball with tissue paper, then fastened with glue and /or tape. The head and body are then fastened with a strip of felt. Some chose for the rods to be up, some down. Try it and see which you prefer. Students then used all the extras to create their unique characters.

Feathered Serpent and Night Jaguar- Mayan inspired rod puppets

...and more amazing puppets. Students taught each other how to braid ribbon tails and draw cute Kawaii faces.

Can you spot the puppet bride and groom? With pompom bouquets and a handcrafted archway, the makers commented that "this wedding is a lot of work". Wedding photos capture there smiling faces. 

Newspaper & tissue paper rod puppets


wood sticks
tacky white glue
tissue paper
sticky-back glitter foam
colourful masking tape
wiggly eyes
chenille stems
ribbons etc. 
We also had a supervised mini hot glue gun for tricky stuff but the puppets can be made without one.

PA Art Day with Athina from Artemis Art Supplies


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