Wildlife Puppet and Performance Project 

Check out these amazing rod puppets by Grade 5/6 students at Huron Heights Public School: foxes, huskies, wolves, rainbow trout and bass, turkey vultures, great blue herons, brown bat, badger and a fawn. 
We discussed our local wild animals and natural habitat, then each week students worked on their rod puppets made from household and recycled materials:
  • constructing the heads and bodies from plastic bottles and newspaper
  • covering with coloured tissue, paper mache and paint
  • making strong connections when attaching legs, tails and ears
  • fringing and feathering details

The choices they made when making their eyes really gave each of the puppets their own expression.

Working in groups the students performed fun, informative vignettes bringing their puppets to life!

This puppet making project in the schools is all wrapped up for the 2016/17 year but more to come in 2017/18. Bring an artist into your classroom.


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